Die Einen fahren fast 1.000 km Richtung Süden um spektakuläre alpine Gewitter zu genießen, die Anderen bleiben zu Hause am Niederrhein und erlebten einen perfekten Flugtag mit außergewöhnlich guter Thermik:

  • Florian Zech (Swing Astral 6) flog 44,7 km von Sevelen bis kurz hinter Schermbeck
  • Christian Wiesner (Niviuk Artik) flog ein 41,3 km flaches Dreieck von Sevelen über Voerde bis Saalhoff
  • Dirk Ripkens (A.I.R. Atos VR 10) gelang ein perfektes 210,4 km FAI-Dreieck

Von den niederländischen Schleppgeländen wurden folgende Strecken geflogen:

  • Ardy Brouwer (Niviuk IcePeak XP) flog 146,2 km von Toldijk (NL) bis nach Bersenbruck (6 h FLugzeit!)
  • Uwe Moss (Gin Boomerang 5) flog 107,8 km von Bentelo (NL) bis nach Osnabrück

Ardy Brouwer hat ein paar Eindrücke von seinem „6 hour & 146k flight to Bersenbruck (D)“ im Film festgehalten:

Weather looked promising but the lack of wind would reduce the potential for long distances. After 5 or six step tows I released in a good thermal wich brought me to base at around 1500 mtrs. Clouds were everywere and after a short glide I found the next thermal. Haaksbergen, Enschede, Oldenzaal and into Germany. At 18.00 hrs things were over…. at least I thought. Clouds got smaller and didn’t seem to work. In the blue I got another thermal which took me 300 meters higher and went on glide again. The last one I figured. After a while I flew into another thermal which took me to 1500 meters again. Gliding along and enjoying the view I tried to figure out were I was and checked for possible landing fields when another thermal presented itself and brought me to 1750 meters. At this point it was 19.30. What a treat. After more then 6 hours of flying and 146k away from the take off I landed in the middle of a crop filed. It was either that or corn. Walking through the crop filled my shoes with grain. 15 minutes later I got a ride to the train station and via Osnabruck I arrived in Bad Bentheim at 23.10, were I was picked up by Dick & Cristie.. 30 minutes later Jan en Hijlko arrived to pick me up. After beer and BBQ we went on our way home. At 03.30 I got to my bed and slept till 07.00 when I was woken up by my son Max.

Small price considering the reward.

6 hrs. was my personal best starting from the winch.

Thanks to all involved and making this day as good as it got.